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About Jacqueline & MYthS 2016

Jacqueline Vugs-Voets: “Comets” are made for goddesses!


Stars, planets and comets were considered “jewellery for the gods” in ancient Greek thought. Dionyssus wedding present to his beautiful wife was the constellation he crowned her with. It still bears her name: Ariadne’s constellation; and you can see it in the night sky of Greece in late September!


Jacqueline Vugs-Voets participates in Myths 2016 at Sieraad Amsterdam with a new series of jewelry inspired by Greek mythology. Her “Comets” echo the close relationship between cosmos (the universe) and jewellery — for it is the same world in Greek!

Jacqueline loves the myth of Demeter and Persephone. It is a about the abduction of the goddess’s daughter by the God of Death, Pluto who falls in love with her. He ties her up with him for ever by offering her pomegranate seeds which the girl eats – unaware of the consequences. It is a beautiful myth on the mother/daughter relation and the changes in the latter’s life after she falls in love and gets married!

Jacqueline is coming to Athens to discover not only what Greeks were famous for, but also find out how her jewelry could inspire modern Greeks. Read the interview in NL and EN on the page from MYTHS2016 and meet Jacqueline at Myths 2016 stand at Sieraad Amsterdam (10-13 Nov).


MYTHS presents and promotes international jewellery art with meaning for people who reflect upon the course of life and are not satisfied with truisms.

MYTHS is a series of jewellery art exhibitions to promote contemporary Greek design and culture.
MYTHS* shop revenues help us funding our projects including Artist Residencies and stipends, as well as Stray Animal projects in Greece.

MYTHS is curated by Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler. We are visual artists and curators working between Greece, Germany and the Netherlands.


Omdat ik ben toegelaten als Nederlandse Member of MYTHS 2016 ben ik naar Athene gegaan om Loukia Richards te ontmoeten. De Griekse cultuur en in het bijzonder Grieks sieraad design en patronen te leren en te onderzoeken. Mede hierdoor zal ik een inspiratie en design verrijking verkrijgen.


Sieraad art fair 2016

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donderdag 10 nov. 14:00-21:00

vrij t/m zondag 11 t/m 13 nov 11:00-18:00


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  Geïnspireerd door de kracht van vormen en structuren uit onze ...alledaagse omgeving.
Alle sieraden worden op ambachtelijke wijze met de hand gemaakt in mijn eigen atelier in Best, hierdoor is ieder sieraad uniek en van hoge kwaliteit.

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Atelier 10-line, Goldsmith Jacqueline Vugs
Metalsmith / Jewelry design

Inspired by the strenght of shapes and natural structures from our surroundings.
All jewelry is handmade by me in my workshop, so I can guarantee each unique piece of quality and craftsmanship.

A piece of jewelry specially designed and made for you.
Besides my own collection i also work on comission. Do you have any ideas or any questions? Please feel free to contact me by phone, facebook or e-mail.