Pendants Hermitage Collection

Rhinestone pendant hermitage

Rhinestone pendant silver

Silver pendant with a drop of faceted rhinestone

Ca. 11mm long

(without collier)

€ 119,95

  • Uitverkocht

pearl pendant hermitage

Pearl pendant Hermitage

Silver pendant with a drop of Pearl

Ca. 11mm long

(without collier)

€ 89,95

  • Uitverkocht

carnelian & Jasper Pendant hermitage

Carnelian & Jasper Pendant Hermitage

Silver pendant with Carnelian & Jasper drop

Natural gemstone

ca. 30mm long

(without collier)

€ 229,95

  • Uitverkocht

Pendant catharina

Pendant Catharina

Pendant with green quartz & pearl. with silver collier 45 cm.

Big pendant where the oak leafs are holding the stone.

ca. 40mm

Al sterling silver, handmade



€ 399,95

  • Uitverkocht

Pendant Hermitage Rhodolite & pink pearl

Pendant Hermitage Rhodolite & pink pearl

Silver pendant with rhodolite & pink pearl

ca.30mm long

(without collier)

€ 169,95

  • Uitverkocht

mini leaf oak pendant

Mini oak leafs silver pendant

Mini oak leafs pendant with pearl

Ca. 10 mm long

(without collier)

€ 79,95

  • Uitverkocht